B-11! O-72! G-54! BINGO!!!

Why travel far when you can stay local and find great entertainment in the lounge at Emory’s on Silver Lake? Avoid the traffic and trips to the busy cities to have a blast closer to home!

Thursday Nights: BINGO!

Every Thursday, beginning at 8pm, we host Bingo night. There’s no cost to play, and each person receives a Bingo card with 3 games, giving you 3 chances to call out “BINGO”!

The caller uses a digital program, so everyone can look up at the TV screen in case they didn’t hear what number was called. They can also see every other number called in case any were accidentally missed!

The first game tends to be your typical Bingo – 5 numbers in a row any direction and you win. After that you get 4 more rounds, each with a different design to make things a little more difficult. You may get to call out a Bingo if you make the shape of an “E” for Emory’s, or perhaps it’s upon completion of a picture frame! Makes it a little more interesting, and you have to pay close attention and get the standard Bingo out of your head!

Winners take home swag from our monthly beer or liquor sponsors. Each month we have a different beer sponsor, and it’s only $3.50 for their draft beer during Bingo.

Free Bingo, amazing prizes, and discounted beer special… What could possibly make this night better? HAPPY HOUR!
Bingo begins at 8pm, and so does our late night happy hour. In addition to great deals on drinks and appetizers, we also offer half price pizza!

If you have joined us for Bingo night, let us know what you think! And if you have photos, please post them to our Facebook page! And if you plan to join us for the next Bingo night, don’t forget your dauber (it’s ok if you do – we have plenty of crayons)!!