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We are proud to announce we have transitioned over to the TableSafe’s RAIL system, which allows our guests to pay at the table! We are the only restaurant in Snohomish County with this new technology, and we are excited for all the benefits it has to offer!

The main reason we decided to implement RAIL is for the security of our guests. The RAIL system allows the guest to view their check for accuracy, split items if necessary, and swipe a debit or credit card without it leaving their site. This prevents identity and credit card theft, and each and every transaction is encrypted so your information cannot be shared, and our system cannot be breached!

So, how does it work?

When you have completed your dining experience with us, your server will present you with a digital guest check.
raildevice11It will light up for you to view your check on the screen to make sure the check is accurate. Then it will give you options of how you would like to pay (cash or card), and allow you to easily select a tip percentage. If you select card, it will prompt you to swipe your card right from the device.
It will ask you for a signature, which you can sign using the stylus pen attached to the device.
You will then be able to request a printed copy of your receipt, or have it emailed to you so you can keep a digital copy.

This new system is quick, convenient, safe, and EASY! You will get the opportunity to see what it is all about on your next visit! Restaurants in countries around the world have been using this technology for years, so it’s great for us in the US to catch up and focus more on security and what seems to be working so well everywhere else!