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Banquet Order Form

Thank you for choosing to host your event at Emory's on Silver Lake. We are pleased to work with you!

Please fill out this form in as much detail as you would like. Emory's on Silver Lake requires all final details confirmed at least five (5) business days in advance. Business days are defined as Monday-Friday.

If you have any questions, please feel free to email Kelly Cole - You can also call Emory's on Silver Lake 425-337-7772.

Thank you again!
  • Please include the total number of guests who will be in attendance (including children).
  • Please include entrée pre-counts for 3-Course Dinner selections. If ordering appetizers, please include for how many guests. (example: Caprese Skewers for 20, Buffalo Chicken for 30, 3 Dozen Deviled Eggs, etc). If ordering Breakfast or Lunch Buffet options, please include for how many guests.
  • Hosted Bar: All drinks ordered will go on the final bill. No Host Bar: Guests are responsible for their own drinks, or no drink service offered at all. Custom - include what you would like to offer.
  • If you have a preference on how the tables are arranged, please include that here.
  • Dinner Banquet include white linen tablecloths. All banquets receive our rust napkins. If you would like custom color napkins, or tablecloths with breakfast/lunch banquets, include that information here. *Additional cost for colored napkins. *Additional cost for tablecloths for breakfast & lunch banquets.
  • If you would like us to bring in seasonal flowers for your event, please write "yes" above. Typical price is $20-$25.
  • Please include names of guests celebrating if a birthday, anniversary, rehearsal dinner, etc. If you have certain colors you would like throughout the menu, include that here.

    If you would like seating cards made with seating arrangement, please email the names to Any other details, special requests, etc., please include here.
  • By typing your name, you agree all details are final at least five (5) business days in advance, and are confirmed for your event at Emory's on Silver Lake. You acknowledge that any changes within five (5) business days may incur additional fees on your final bill.

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