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New Lounge Menu

On June 1st we extended our hours for the summer months, and open the lounge at 1pm. With that we decided to extend our lounge menu to give our diners more entrée selections.

Check out the new Lounge Menu and see the new additions, or come on in and try them! We offer this menu in the lounge and the entire deck beginning at 1pm. You can begin ordering from the full dinner menu at 4pm nightly. Don’t forget we open the entire restaurant for Happy Hour and Dinner at 1pm every Sunday!



Employee Bio : Chris

Chris : Bartender / Bar Server


PicChrisHow long he has worked at Emory’s:
Just over one year.

Favorite Menu Item:
Cod Parmesan, Spinach Salad, or a nice cold beer.

What he enjoys most about working at Emory’s:
My coworkers and management staff. The setting is great, the commute is short, it’s usually busy, and I feel respected as an employee.

What he does outside work:
Many things! I enjoy skiing, snowboarding, hiking, camping, drinking, playing vids, and I’m learning to play the guitar. My roommates want me to learn the drums.

Anything else we should know?
I’m actually in my thirties believe it or not. And I work another job during the day.

Enjoy the Sunshine on the Deck!


Panoramic view of the entire deck!

Waterfront Dining on the Shores of Silver Lake!

The weather has turned out for the best this season in Everett. We got some early sunshine and heat in May, which allowed us to open our deck earlier than previous years so our diners could soak up the sun and relax!

June has started out as another wonderful deck month. We have been packed out there every day! It began with our new summer hours on June 1st opening at 1pm. Everyone sat out there to enjoy the 58th Annual Silver Lake Hydro Plane Races, with the first turn right in front of the deck!


We are fortunate enough to be the only restaurant on the shores of Silver Lake, and we also have the largest lakefront deck in Snohomish County! So if you haven’t been in to experience the deck, many will say you’re missing out!

We open our deck at 1pm daily during the summer and warmer months, plus we offer Happy Hour on the entire deck from 1pm-6pm!
We do not take reservations for the deck – it’s first come, first serve. So arrive early if you have a party joining you in case a wait forms!

A lot of pictures of the patio are posted on our Facebook page and Instagram, but we would love to have you snap your photo and submit it to any social media site enjoying your time out on the deck! We are on Instagram, @emorysonsilverlake, or you can put it right on our Facebook Wall or Twitter @emorysonthelake.


And if you love the sun, but can’t handle the scorching heat, don’t worry – we have umbrellas to give you that necessary shade!

Employee Bio : Robert

Robert : Director of Operations


How long he has worked at Emory’s:
6 years

Favorite Menu Item:
Whatever Oscar’s daily special is!

What he enjoys most about working at Emory’s:
Family and quality of life that it gives. The people that surround us (staff and guests). What I really enjoy is watching young people grow into their fullest potential – setting them up for future success, whether it be here or their next journey in life.

What he does outside work:
Spend time with my family and being outdoors in my garden.

What’s Happening at Emory’s!

NewHoursStarting June 1, we will open our lounge at 1pm for Happy Hour!

We had a nice little run with great weather very early this year, and are prepared for more nice weather for the rest of the Spring/Summer season. And that means opening early so that our great diners have the opportunity to soak up more sun on our deck, or stay cool in our lounge!

We will continue to offer dinner at 4pm, and every Sunday we open the lounge and dining room at 1pm for Happy Hour and dinner.

Did you know Happy Hour is also available on the entire deck? Every day 1-6pm, and Sun-Thurs 8pm-Close (weather permitting).


GreenwallsWe also had a slight facelift throughout the restaurant, and added a little pop of color! Still stays with our lodge style, but really adds some nice accents. This is a photo taken from our banquet room, but you’ll see some of this green on the walls in the dining room, lounge, and front entryway as well!



FathersDayDon’t forget to treat your Dad in June!! Bring him to Emory’s for a great night out!






Celebrate with a graduation part in our private banquet room!


Banquets & Private Parties


Need a place to host your event? We have fantastic options with amazing views!

Our private banquet room can seat up to 50 people for dinner events, and can be closed off from the rest of the restaurant. 

We offer two seatings Monday through Saturday nights: 4pm to 5pm arrival with completion by 7pm, and 7:30 to 8pm arrival with completion by 11pm.

Need somewhere to host more than 50 people? Utilize our entire restaurant during breakfast or lunchtime for 50 to 150 or more!

Breakfast events are 7am to 8am arrival with completion by 10:30am.
Lunch events are 11am to 12pm arrival with completion by 2:30pm.

We can also accommodate parties in the late morning and early afternoon for receptions, memorials, birthdays, anniversaries, etc.

We offer different options as far as menu choices, drink options and room setup. We also have a 40″ flat screen TV in the room if you need to showcase a presentation for your business meeting, a slideshow during an engagement party, or play some video games and sing some karaoke for  a company holiday party.

Come in and see the room for yourself! More information about banquets is available on our website. We encourage reservations to be made in advance to guarantee the date is available for your banquet. If you still have questions after reviewing the information on our website, please visit us or call 425-337-7772. Corrina is our Banquet Manager, and would enjoy helping you make your next big party a success!





Employee Bio : Brian

Brian : Server


PicBrian2How long he has worked at Emory’s:
2 1/2 years (since the rebuild).

Favorite Menu Item:
Basil Hayden, 2 ice cubes.

What he enjoys most about working at Emory’s:
Working with some of the funniest people I know!

What he does outside work:
Snowboard, homebrew beer, go camping, lose my voice at Seahawks games, fight crime, and collect high-fives!

Anything else we should know?
I’m from the future! Roadhouse!

Celiac Awareness Month

May is Celiac Awareness Month. Celiac disease is an autoimmune disorder triggered by the ingestion of gluten, a protein found in wheat, barley and rye.  An estimated 1 in 141 Americans has celiac disease, yet 83% of those who have it are either undiagnosed or misdiagnosed.

We offer a separate Gluten Free Menu that showcases the items guests can select without having to scan through the regular menu. Cynthia Kupper, a Registered Dietitian with the Gluten Intolerance Group (GIG), prepared the information on the menu. We can also create Gluten Free pizza, plus we have Redbridge Gluten Free Beer.

Food intolerances and food allergies are not topics restaurants we take lightly. When guests express concerns with certain foods, or ingredients they cannot consume, our Chef ensures they can still enjoy their meal without worry. We allow our Chef and his culinary team the freedom of being creative so that a guest doesn’t feel as though there are any restrictions to their diet or food intolerance.

A food intolerance is different from a food allergy because it’s a non-allergenic food hypersensitivity. We treat both the same in terms of severity.

And although we don’t point out other food intolerances in our menu or with a separate menu, we can customize items or work with what you’re craving in order to make something you will enjoy. Simply let your server or a manager know!

Employee Bio : Amber

Amber : Cocktail Server


How long she has worked at Emory’s:
30 months or so.

Favorite Menu Item:
Ahi Tuna Poke Tower

What she enjoys most about working at Emory’s:
Everything! I love the people I work with and the people that come in.

What she does outside work:
Take care of my littles, hiking, reading, I love movies, and much, much more!

Growlers To Go

We Sell Growlers To Go!

clear growlerLast fall we added more beer handles in our lounge to offer a wider selection of draft beer. We currently have 20 beers on draft, and some of those are rotating based on different seasons and availability! With this, we decided to bring in some growlers and allow our guests to take home 64 ounces of their favorite beer. It also allows beer lovers the ability to get beer that may not be available in stores.

If you already have an empty growler, we are giving you a location for refills. The prices range $10-$13, and our Anthem Pear Cider is refillable for $17. If you are new to the growler world, you can purchase one at Emory’s on Silver Lake for about $5, and enjoy it at home or during your next gathering.

And what goes great with a nice cold refreshing beer? Our WoodStone pizza! Grab one of those to go while you’re getting your growler filled, and your night is set!

Tips for your growler:

1) Keep your growler clean, either by exchanging them if it’s offered, or rinse out the growler and store it upside down without the lid on until you are ready to refill it again.

2) Make sure to keep it cold if you don’t plan to drink it right away. It is recommended to drink the beer within one week for best taste, and so it doesn’t go flat.

3) Try to drink the beer in one session (share it with some friends). You’ll be fine if you enjoy it throughout the week, but keep in mind Tip #2. If you forget about your growler and it does go flat, think about possibly cooking with it! There are plenty of recipes that involve beer.