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November Date Night!

Monday through Thursday until November 25 we are offering our November Date Night with an Emory’s E-Card! Come out with friends and/or family, and enjoy a 2-course or 3-course dinner option while saving money before the busy holiday season hits!

You can choose a 2-course dinner option for $24, or a 3-course dinner option for $29.

For the 2-course dinner, you can choose a starter or dessert, along with one of the 4 entrées featured.
For the 3-course dinner, you get your choice of a starter, entrée, and dessert, which allows the most savings!

Check out the menu options below. This is only available in our Dining Room, so call to make a reservation to take advantage of this great November deal!



Today we begin our Spring Break promotion at Emory’s on Silver Lake! It’s a very interactive one, and lasts until May 9, 2013, so come in for dinner Monday through Thursday with your Ecard and try your hand at the wheel! *Prizes subject to change.

Click HERE to find out more about the Emory’s Ecard.

Halibut is back in season as well! We have a daily halibut special, and your server will inform you of the preparation!EmorysSpinNWin_email_r603

Emory’s E-Card

Some of our guests ask what this E-Card is all about, and how much it costs to obtain one. Many decline receiving this card because they don’t want one more thing to carry in their wallet, and they don’t know all the benefits! Learn all about the E-Card, and hopefully this will answer any questions!

We created the Emory’s E-Card as a reward program that values you for your commitment to our restaurant. It’s FREE to join and start earning points – you can get one from our host staff, or from your server on your next visit.

Present your Emory’s E-Card to your server with your bill. You will receive 1 point for every dollar that you spend on food and beverages (excluding tax and gratuity). Every time you hit 250 points, a $25 credit will be added to your E-Card to use on your next visit.

Another way to add points is by filling out a comment card, either during your visit, or after on our Feedback Page.

Emory’s E-Card members can also qualify for additional promotions! This is why you want to provide your email address when you first receive the card. You will be notified about special promotions and find out what is happening at Emory’s on Silver Lake! We dislike spam just as much as the next person, so we don’t send emails unless we have important news, and you can always opt out.

The great thing about our E-Card system is that even if you forget your card or lose it, we still have the ability to give you points! We can look up your information based on your first and last name, so it’s important you fill out the information with the card when you first receive it! That way you can never miss out, or have to carry one more card in your wallet!

 Get your ECard on your next visit and start bringing in those points!

Fiscal Lift Promotion

If you aren’t subscribed to receive our emails, if you don’t take part in Facebook or Twitter, and you’re not visiting our website, then you’re missing out on some fantastic deals!

We just launched our first promotion of 2013, so Happy New Year! So many people are talking about the “Fiscal Cliff”, and we want you to focus on something positive with great reward, so we played with it and turned it into a “Fiscal LIFT”!

Available on any of the platforms (Facebook, Twitter, Emory’s Emails,, and THIS PAGE!!!) will provide you with the details and a handy “lift ticket” to print and give to your server for the discount.

The lift ticket can be used any day after 4pm! You will receive $15 off your bill when you purchase 2 or more entrées. But wait, there’s more! If you have an Emory’s eCard, you can order any full bottle of wine, and we will give you an additional $10 discount! $25 off two entrées and a bottle of wine! You can use a maximum of 2 lift tickets per dining party. The lift ticket cannot be used for Chef’s 3-course dinner, happy hour, or with any other promotional offer.

This promotion ends February 12, 2013, so print yours today and come take advantage of this great deal! Embrace a fiscal LIFT by saving money! And if you don’t currently have an Emory’s eCard, it’s free to sign up – just ask for one on your next visit!