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New Items

We hope everyone has had a great week and is staying safe as we continue to fight through these hard times. We wanted to update you with a few new items we have at Emory’s!

If you haven’t seen on our social media already, we have added moveable barriers inside in between the tables by the windows! These provide more safety and space for our customers. This has also added 3 more tables for seating as well, which will continue to help us seat as many people as we possibly can!

Additionally, we have 3 new drink specials this month! 1) Spencer’s Socialite: Knob Creek Whiskey, Campari, simple syrup, maraschino liqueur, chocolate and Angostura bitters. 2) Michael’s Midsummer Bounty: Captain Morgan Rum, Southern Comfort Whiskey, Apricot Brandy, Lemon, vanilla, peach puree, topped with soda. 3) Red Raspberry Plantation: Appleton Estate Rum, orange liqueur, lemon, raspberries.